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The undead hordes are back! But this time they're not miniatures shambling around a modular board - the zombies are coming straight for you! As in most zombie games, you represent a unique character with your own character traits, except in Run, Fight, or Die! you will also have your own individual board with zombies you alone will encounter. Zombies move closer to you every round. You run from location to location, searching for weapons and survivors in a desperate attempt to stay alive. Survivors may bring new skills to help you in your desperate fight for survival, or in some cases, new challenges to overcome. In either case, every survivor provides you victory points. The game ends either when one player finds five survivors and declares the last round, or when a player reaches the town line (and the total Followers in play meets a minimum), or if a player gets bitten and turns. Be careful, some followers may turn against you, while others can slow you down. When it comes right down to it, the choice is simple: Run, Fight, or Die!

Scoring is based on the total points of survivors and remaining health of the players’ characters.

Run, Fight, or Die! is a frantic first person experience for 1 to 4 players (will play up to 6 with the 5/6 player expansion). The game is loaded with goodies, including 4 Action Boards, 5 Character Boards, a Loot Deck, a Location Deck, an Event Deck, a Follower Deck, Mutant Deck, 7 Custom Dice, tokens and beautifully crafted miniatures.


July 26, 2014
If you recently tried to contact us through our website then we did not receive you message.  Mailjet was blocking all our emails throught the website, including from users. Instead of trying to resolve this with mailjet I just canceled their service.   If you have trouble in the future just send us a direct email at   Thanks!


We will be at Gencon Booth 1609 with Robert Burke and Tom Vasel and Richard Launius! We are not listed in the directory, which is an oversight, so be sure to search for us. Booth 1609 is labeled as “Coolstuffinc” in the directory. We are bringing a truckload of Run Fight or Die.


July 13, 2014


Welcome to the new website!  I’m sure there will be some glitches to work out.  Please email us if you run into any problems. Run Fight or Die arrives at port next week.  We will have it for sale to the public on and after Gencon if it makes it through customs.  We are sharing a booth with Coolstuffinc and Tom Vasel.  Please stop by.   Also check out the press release for Coven. 

June 26, 2014
8th Summit will be at Dice Tower Con July 2nd-6th.  We will run events for Run Fight or Die and Till Dawn with prize giveaways.  Richard Launius will also be in attendance.   During that time you will not be able to make orders through the website. We will disable the shopping cart.    Hope to see some of you there!


Swagman’s Hope is now shipping.   You can order Swagman’s Hope with the KS promos if you order from this website.   The game has been sent to our distributors and will be popping up at online retailers, such as Coolstuffinc (available now!) and Games Surplus.   It will be available at local hobby stores nationwide.  Contact  us if you would like us to list your hobby store on our site.   We will post the name of your store on this page.

In Europe,  Intrafin carries Agents of SMERSH and we are shipping to them Swagman’s Hope and Expedition. 

April 01, 2014

Richard Launius and I will be at Gnomecon in Savannah, GA April 11-13.    We hope to have several copies of Till Dawn.    I have also added Grandcon in Grand Rapids, MI as a convention I will be attending this year.   Grandcon is in September.  Till Dawn is up and going strong on Kickstarter. It has surpassed my expectations.  You will be able to order it after Kickstarter is over, but we won’t be able to offer the low below retail $24 price for very long.    The Kickstarter has already added several extras and stretch goals.  Check it out!

Also,  remember you can order games directly from our website.   We appreciate your business.


February 04, 2014

Agents of SMERSH is nominated for a BGG Golden Geek Award in the “Thematic” category.   You can vote for your favorites here.

We will have a Kickstarter for a vampire themed game called Till Dawn from designers Jason Maxwell, Richard Launius and Mike Wylie.     It will go up at the end of February and ship in a coffin shaped box.   This is a light game for big groups, and it was a huge hit with players at AFG last week where we officially presented it as a future publication (although Richard has brought it to several previous conventions over the past two years).   Sign up to our email list (look right) and will you get notified of the Kickstarter.  This will be a lower priced game than our previous publications.